The Wobble

May 15, 2019

  If you had the opportunity to read my first entry, you will know that God has been calling my heart into writing for a long time. I finally said “yes” and I must admit that I am loving the process!   There are so many of His lessons that I am excited to share through my specific lens of being a potter in an outreach based business.

  Today, brings you a video back from 2014.  A simple lesson on the wobbles in life.  Before watching this short video, please understand that it is not an accident that there is so much imagery in the Bible about clay.  In fact, clay or a reference to clay is mentioned 34 times!  Watch the wobble, watch the love, watch the control, watch the perfect imperfection.  We would love to hear about your wobbles and how they are part of your beauty.  

   If you have never had the opportunity to work with clay, especially on the potters wheel, I highly encourage you to find a place to take a lesson.  If you are local to the studio, I have an amazing opportunity for you to experience Christ’s love through the art of throwing clay.  Details about this unique experience can be found at the bottom of this entry.

Join us for a special pottery session to experience God’s love in a unique setting and activity.  This 2 hour lesson, will involve play, creation, reclaim and glazing.  Of course, as an outreach based studio, your purchase and gratuity go much further than just the register.  Learn about our outreach efforts here.

  Please visit Facebook Events or  Eventbrite for all of the details.    

  This experience will be offered in June and July on select days and times.  Only 2 seats available per session.  This event is best for those ages 10 and older.  If you are interested and cannot make it or you would like to consider a similar opportunity for a larger group, please message find us at

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