The Love of a Mis-Match Set

June 8, 2019
There is beauty in brokenness and purposefulness in a mis-matched set.  Think about it, you cannot use an egg unless it is broken.  Likewise, a pair of mis-matched socks can still keep your feet warm. 

I took the below picture about a week ago.  God told me it would be part of an upcoming blog and then He was quiet.  I am always amazed at how He weaves the parts of our lives together…  I will detail the picture at the end 🙂

As a professional artist/potter, a few of the main things I notice while instructing new students, is their struggle to achieve perfection, stopping before they even get started, or giving up too easily.   One of my favorite quotes concerning this was written by Marilyn Monroe.  She quoted “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

I remember this struggle well. The transition from being a person who played with clay to allowing myself to be referred to as a professional artist/potter was hard.  So what changed?  I gave myself permission to be human, to allow my work to show my humanness, and built up the fortitude to keep going when I screwed up.  I accepted the fact that I am not a computer.  I embraced the differences in pieces, celebrated small accomplishments, and learned from my mistakes.  God gave me this wonderful gift to create art from earth, so who am I to question His authority or disregard this gift.  I stopped letting my human eyes convince me that my mistakes were a reason to stop.  I allowed the growth and allow myself to accept new and different challenges.  I began creating for Him.  

Mya Angelou said “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”  Success really is that simple.  Some students struggle forever to love their work.  They will not let their walls down to be human.  Others begin to allow themselves to see progress.  When this happens they blossom as artists.  I remember once such student who has been with me for at least 3 years.  She is a special needs young lady, over 50% of my students have a special need, and she had some concerns about her ability to control the wheel.  It took about 3 months of encouragement before she made the leap.  She has cerebral palsy so having to work with her hands and feet at the same time may have presented as a challenge.  We took away the challenge of her feet, allowing her to concentrate on her hands, but using a static pedal that would maintain its speed once it was set.  Her smile was truly ear-to-ear!  The cause for concern was gone.  She allowed herself to grow wings.  I have since watched her bloom in skills set and creativity and I am proud to call her my student.    

So back to the picture…  I have often gotten asked about the wares I have at home.  I am sure many thing that my home would be or should be overflowing with pottery.  Truth be told, it is a rare occasion that I make myself anything.  I usually take home the misfits or gifts from my students.  I am also the luckiest momma, as I get pottery from my own children.  The picture is a snapshot of my ware cabinet at home.  It is full of mis-matched items, broken handled mugs, chipped bowls, and more.  Just in the picture alone, I know of 3 mugs without handles, 2 chipped bowls, and at least 8 gifts.  Guess what?!  They are all perfect!  They are, without a doubt, mis-matched and broken but they are full of love, memories, and they feed myself and my family just fine.  

God loves to use broken vessels.  In a recent posting I read of Joyce Myers, she wrote “Matthew 26:26 (AMP) says, “Jesus took bread and, praising God, gave thanks and asked Him to bless it to their use, and when He had broken it, He gave it to the disciples and said, Take, eat; this is My body.” It’s interesting to see here that Jesus blessed the bread, broke it, and then gave it to the disciples. We usually refer to this scripture when we have communion to remind us of the sacrifice He made for us. And just as He gave His life and was broken for us, we must be broken so we can live for Him.”  WOW!  Amen!  

God never looks at us a broken and useless.  He values the brokenness and the mis-matched characteristics simply because they are used to live for Him.  I love my mis-matched and broken pottery.  I am grateful for all of the memories they offer and for all of the meals they have served.

What is your favorite broken mis-matched item?

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