making Him matter

I can hardly believe that I have not posted in a little over 2 months. My head has been spinning although I have found myself much more reflective and meditative in prayer. Now, I cannot seem to type fast enough. I am not a writer. I am a heartfelt servant. Here goes my bla bla bla…. <3 As with many recent adventures at Under The Horizon, due to an established business platform, I accomplish the front work and then I have the birds-eye-view of watching the pieces fall into place. Over the last few months I have watched how the work of the last 9 years has brought community members together in numerous ways. Before I go on, let’s talk a little background and structure first… As an outreach based studio, our goal is to serve.  (Warning – detailed sentence ahead – LOL)  We use our creative talents to create pieces and provide creative services in order to generate funds to provide outreach programs.  That is a mouthful!  My education is in business. I earned my Masters of Management in 2006 and have had many years of experience in all types of business environments. I really love business, art, community and I have incredible faith. Recently, I had a wonderful conversation with a new customer who came in to the studio to paint ceramics with her son. My daughter was tending to them when a conversation began. She told my daughter that upon research she gathered that we are ran by a group of churches and that we are a non-profit. My daughter explained that I was the sole owner and that I choose to serve. I love my daughter’s response. She knows the studio and I am grateful for her help and advocacy. I had the opportunity to check in on the lady and her son. We had a wonderful follow-up conversation. She explained to me what my daughter had told her. The conversation then went deeper and she asked me a few questions and when I told her about my education she made the best comment. She said “Oh! I was going to say something… So that is how this works! So many people have great ideas but cannot make them last. I love this!” I was so grateful that someone noticed and openly recognized the business end to a not-so-easy business structure. The Under The Horizon business structure is simple but not common.  In fact, I have only every found 1 other business that operates they way we do. We are a for-profit business. Yes, I like to help provide for my family and put a few pennies away for a rainy day. LOL. We are also a ministry/outreach business. Yes, we openly choose to use profit to serve the community. No, we cannot apply for grants. I am okay with that 🙂 We have never wanted to anything – God’s grace baby! However, we have received what I call push-through grants where a non-profit received a grant and then they hire us to fulfill the work. We have incredible community partners! From individuals to companies – we are blessed and could not do this without them. I work hard to make this unusual type of business work. I could not do this without the grace of God, my incredible family, my amazing best friend, close friends, and the support of community. Most of my job is administrative but that is okay – I do love it. I am slowly finding the balance between the love of business and the love of clay simply because one cannot happen without the other. So all of this brings me to “making Him matter.” For the last few months I have watched the community both near and far support our efforts. From random donations received via an Amazon box, to food sitting by the front door, to walking sticks cut from a local farm, to yarn donations from near and far, to time, to random craft supply donations, to hand sewn grocery bags for our food program, on and on…. We saw how so many wanted to help and that they were helping as they were inspired too help. This is powerful! There are so many opportunities to help and spread love and kindness. A few weeks back I found myself just sitting in our large teaching room in awe. God’s plan has been unfolding and I have been blessed to witness it. Incredible is not a strong enough word. God is so faithful and you all are AMAZING! A few weeks ago the plan that has had me being reflective and meditative in prayer and the plan that had me not blogging was starting to become vocal. I wanted to find a way to allow our community to serve at their pace and within their desire. There needed to be way to address these people to meet their needs and wants while also meeting the needs and wants of the studio and our outreach programs. I had been collecting volunteer information, building community relationships, and storing all my notes in a beat-up blue folder. We reached out to the community to help name this “group” of community members. There were many name suggestions but, it was a young student of mine who knocked-it-out-of-the-park. I’m sure you will agree. She shared with me a quote that always makes her feel better. She said “some think God doesn’t matter, so make Him matter.” We are pleased to announce “making Him matter” A community-based program spreading love and kindness one gift at a time. The goal of this database is to offer those opportunities to all that are interested. This will allow each person an opportunity to spreading love and kindness as they see fit.
We currently have lots of names on the database. All info is kept private – no worries from us 🙂. The database will be emailed on the 15th of each month, beginning in October, listing opportunities to spread love and kindness. It will contain a list of outreach needs and wants. As we are growing to spread love everywhere, outreach opportunity are needed beyond the local backyard community of Biglerville and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It doesn’t matter where you live. You can be included <3 If you are interested in being part of these incredible movement, please email ( us your name, phone number and email address. Thank you! God Bless you and this awesome union! If you want to see what we accomplished in 2018 click here.

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