Driving and Circling

Driving and circling, driving and circling, driving and circling… I did just this for many months from fall 2010 to January 2011. It did not matter the vehicle, if I was by myself, with my family, if it was nice out, raining, or even snowing… I would drive and circle before I got on with my day.

The small voice told me the path. My calling was getting louder.  It was to big for me to fully understand so I did the only thing I knew to always be effective. I prayed.

Throughout my life my faith walk has been speckled with pauses and surges. I have grown in Christ. At this point in my life, I was learning to be a better listener. For years, I had told my husband that we would own the weird shaped building down the street. But to be completely honest, I did not know why. The purchase became a running joke until the summer of 2010.

Pottery had entered back into my life around 2009. In 2010, we officially opened Under The Horizon. I had my basic pottery supplies, an old kiln, and a used wheel that my husband drove to New Jersey to pick-up. I could not have been happier in my mini-studio. I would hold classes in the conference room in my husband’s office complex and teach myself more and more about the awesome skill of pottery.

I quickly outgrew the space so my husband and I began looking for a place to house all of my goodies as well as a place that I could grow into. We looked and looked… Was this the right time to talk about purchasing the weird abandoned building down the street? After much discussion, we chose to move forward.

We set-up a time to check out the property. It was a cold day in the fall. In fact, it was a snowy day in late October. While hubby looked at the property lines and other details that did not interest me, I stood outback of the building with our 3 children. As one point, I has my eyes closed. Our 7 year old daughter hugged me and and said “it is perfect isn’t it mommy!” I opened my eyes and agreed. I was so overwhelmed that I needed to leave the property. It was more than perfect – it was part of His master plan.

We choose to make an offer. We knew the condition of the property and how long it had been mostly abandoned. We went through the normal purchasing hoops. We waited 2 long weeks, just to get a call telling us that the abandoned property that did not have any type of county postings, had already been sold! I was devastated. How could this be! There were so many questions.

The next day, I was standing outside of our home near our wood pile. After many conversations with my husband, after the shock wore off and after deep prayer my now calm heart choose to take the matter into my own hands.

I am sure we all have a story about a person whom we ran across that made a huge impression on us. Maybe it was an odd interaction, something magical or just plain crazy. Well on this day, I am fairly certain that I became that person for the lady at the local courthouse. I called the courthouse with the hopes of understanding how this property could have been sold. The lady was kind and we shared many laughs when I came right out and told her that the property could not have been sold as it was too be ours and that I know this because God told me so. She humored me and helped me find out who purchased the property.

We came to the conclusion that the property was sold in September! What! On November 15, 2010 I laid my heart in a letter to the new owner. I explained who were were, what had happened, why we wanted to property, and made an offer to purchase. We heard back only a few short weeks later on December 3, 2010.

I continued with drive and circle. So what was I doing? I would not drive past the property without circling the building and praying over her. This was a daily endeavor as I poured my heart out into God’s plan. I continually said “yes” to His direction.

On this very day 9 years ago, our sweet daughter and I drove and circled once more. The next day would be settlement.


The challenges over the property were immense. I am grateful for a husband who can fix anything and for a mom and dad who believed in me. We worked night and day for 9 months just to get her to a point where we could begin to move in. We opened to the public on November 5, 2011 and welcomed over 150 people.

Ribbon Cutting with the Mayor 11/4/2011

What have I learned these past 9 years? A LOT! I did not know all of the pieces then and to be completely honest I still don’t. I belived, my faith has grown, and I belive now more that ever before.

With my family by our side, we were able to grow her into the beauty she is today. I like to think of her as a beacon of faith-in-action. Under The Horizon is here to serve and I could not be more humbled to have been chosen as her mommy.


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